CPC is deeply grateful to its dedicated Board of Directors who make its important work possible.

Dr. Peter Raven – Chair

Dana Dirickson – First Vice Chair

Lynde Uihlein – Vice Chair

Andrew S. Love, Jr. – Vice Chair

Dr. John R. Clark – President

Arabella Dane – Secretary

Vacant – Treasurer


Mary Randolph Ballinger

Sharon Blackburn

Bean Carroll

Spencer Crews

Nancy Doyle

Dr. Christopher Dunn

Diana Fish

Erica Leisenring

Suzanne Loomis

Janine Luke

Lucinda McDade

Lindsay W. Marshall

Scot Medbury

Dr. Barbara Millen

Dr. Tom Ott

Polly Reed

Dr. Ed Schneider


Trustees Emeritus
Dr. Peter S. Ashton

Josephine Bush

Dr. Don Falk

John McPheeters

Janet L. Meakin Poor

Shirley Meneice

Ladeen M. Miller

Mary Ann Streeter

Dr. Frank Thibodeau

William A. Truslow, Esq

Chipper Wichman