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OurFamily History

OurFamily History

When Salvador Avila came to the United States from Guanajuato, Mexico with his wife and children, he came with hope and the American dream in his heart. Decades later, Avila and his children own and operate one of the most well known and highly successful groups of Mexican restaurants in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Avila’s El Ranchito restaurants.

It all started in the kitchen many years ago. Mama brought with her recipes that have been in her family for generations, paying strict attention to freshness and quality.
It was Papa, though, who had the idea to involve the whole family and create a truly special restaurant. The entire Avila family pitched in and help at the first El Ranchito when it opened in Huntington Park in 1966.

A family tradition. A neighborhood dining experience serving Mama Avila's authentic recipes since 1966
Today, this tradition has made their authentic Mexican cooking legendary continues to be served at the family’s twelve restaurants. It is still a family business, family owned, family operated and and family loved. Each restaurant is under the personal care of a family member, guaranteeing the reputation the family has earned for treating the customers “like part of the family.”

Helping to complete the family’s recipe of success is the personal atmosphere and warm welcome from familiar employees who have been working for the family for decades. Equally important are you, the customers, who have been coming to Avila’s El Ranchito since it opened. Some of you have met here, fallen in love, married and are now bringing your children. Thank you for your loyalty.