“Nothing is impossible. I believe in dreams because I’m a strong will’d child. You just have to work harder.”

A Great Work Ethic


A strong woman who faced a lot of unexpected obstacles and rock bottoms at her young age.

 A Family History of Entrepreneurs

Christina was instilled with the foundation of a successful work ethic since she was a child. She watched her father pursue and maintain his textile business since she was 6 years old. During this time, her father taught her the basics of the trade believing Christina would continue in his footsteps and flourish as a businesswoman.  Business industry runs in her family. Not only was her father being a very successful businessman, her great grandfather was also a very wealthy businessman who left his legacy by founding two schools in Seoul, Korea. Prior to founding two schools, Gongseok Academy and Predecessor of Seongnam High School, he was a promoter of Korea Defense Agency when the Sino- Japanese War had broken out. In 1937, he ran his company that sold hundreds of years of mines and had invested in various of fields such as financial trusts, catering, manufacturing, and commerce. From a rich line of family success, Christina has decided to follow familial footsteps as a business entrepreneur.

 Unique Experiences have Shaped Her Life

Christina was born in Los Angeles, California, Growing up Korean- American, she struggled in learning a new language and adjusting to American life and culture. Her first language wasn’t English that led to her losing her self-confidence. At the age 6, Christina had a huge ear operation that led her to lose her hearing and during this struggle, her parents transferred her to a private school. Having to repeat 2nd grade, she used her vision to understand what teachers were saying in classes. Facing new challenges, Christina used her vision to pursue studies in design education. The oldest in the family, Christina dealt with parents with different cultural beliefs. Her father was a navy seal, who is very private, very conservative and workaholic and her mother who is mellow, open-minded and dedicated to her church, This was very confusing for a young child. She didn’t know what culture and rules she had to follow as a child.  She had considered herself as an American citizen and decided to follow American culture and rules. She had decided to put her parents’ cultures behind to realize who she was as a young child that had her own dream and voice. Christina was born in Los Angeles, California.


Fairmont Prep Academy
class of 2002
High School

Otis College of Art and Design
Fashion Design

Art Center College of Design
2005- 2010​
Product Design

Christina’s Interests








Excel – Powerpoint – Word
Photoshop – Illustrator – Indesign

One of Christina’s strengths is in working with other individuals to accomplish goals.  She realizes the importance of Teamwork

Artistic Skills
Storytelling of Products

Business Management
Business Strategy

Understanding multiple languages is a huge benefit in dealing with customers in different countries.  Christina speaks English and Korean fluently

Christina provides 100% commitment to all of her endeavors and is passionate about helping others and giving back to the community.



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