Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and extremely beneficial to your health and happiness. By integrating mind, body and spirit, you gain focus and concentration for continued self-improvement. Learn relaxation and stress reduction techniques to refocus yourself anywhere, at any time. Self-hypnosis can also assist you to receive direction and inspiration from your deepest self.

There are infinite uses for self-hypnosis:

  • Relaxation

  • Peak performance

  • Reduce Anxiety / Stress

  • and many more…

Did You Know that…. Studies have shown that nonpharmacologic analgesic in the form of self-hypnotic relaxation during invasive medical procedures significantly reduces patient’s pain, anxiety, drug use and a number of complications. – National Institute of Health

“The best self-hypnosis comes after you’ve had the experience of deep hetero-hypnosis” (being hypnotized by another person).” – Roberta Temes, Ph.D

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