Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

Good sleep is vitally important for our body/mind. Sleep repairs and rejuvenates our cells to create the energy to enjoy and perform well in daily life. Hypnosis for sleep has long been used to create the ‘relaxation response’ necessary to deeply relax the body into peaceful, regenerative sleep. Hypnosis can also suggest new, beneficial behavior for good sleep habits.

  • Getting to sleep

  • Deeper sleep

  • Nightmares

  • Staying asleep


Did You Know that…. Diaries from the pre-electric globe Victorian era show that adults slept 9-10 hours per night. Their sleeping patterns naturally fluctuated according to the seasonal changes of sunrise and sunset.

“I have very much enjoyed asking Kathe for help with sleep on two different occasions in the last few years. She is always capable of taking me into a very relaxed state, which I can usually recreate at home. In the case that I cannot, she creates recordings of beautiful music and her spoken word that I can listen to. In the end, however, it is Kathe’s combination of kindness and intelligence that draws me to work with her. I know I will return as I have in the past should any issues arise.” – Shayne

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