Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Can hypnosis really help you stop smoking? The answer is: YES it can! Hypnosis is a time-proven method to help you quit smoking for good.

The cost of quitting smoking with hypnosis is minimal compared to the negative financial and health costs you incur by smoking. (You can save approximately $250 – $400 per month by stopping). Hypnosis is natural, non-invasive and economical.

I offer 3 highly-personalized Stop Smoking sessions tailored to your individual needs, with 3 Stop Smoking CDs for at-home support. Those who use 3 – 4 sessions of hypnosis have a 66% success rate after 6 – 12 months.

Multiple-session hypnotherapy has been shown to be the far more effective quitting strategy. Success rates of those using multiple-session hypnosis to quit have as much as 10 times the success rate of those who try to quit without tools or resources!

Stop smoking: feel better than you’ve felt in years and add years to your life! Feel the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Feel clean, healthy, proud, and energized!

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Did You Know that “….Matt Damon, a smoker for 16 years; Drew Barrymore; Billy Joel; Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres all quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy.”


“I tried to quit smoking before and it was so difficult. I was using will-power, and it felt so pushed and forced. Doing hypnosis helped me reinforce that I Really wanted to quit, and made it easy to do that. It feels great being a non-smoker!” – Charlotte

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