Salonz Direct is a US Company that produces equipment and furniture for hair, estheticians, and nail salons

Our products include a blend of unique stylist necessities with excellently designed furniture that is also technically performing and boosts high quality, functionality and ergonomics, offered at extremely competitive prices.

The company introduces itself as precious container of styles, ideas, versatile design and customizable furniture.

Tested for Quality

The concept, the products and the quality testing are carried in USA, by experienced and specialized designers and engineers. We make furniture of European and American tastes, conceived and designed in the most important country in the world when it comes to design and quality of the furniture.

Our Production Process is Global

Part of the manufacturing process takes place in other countries and some in the US, but all factory partners are selected by Salonz Direct for their competitiveness as well as the quality they can guarantee. This quality applies to process and raw materials, and it must always meet USA quality standards.

Our Products are Beautiful

A slim, simple, beautiful effective variety of furniture that is never ordinary: Mirrors with style, receptions desks with beautiful presentation area, chairs, styling stations, and shampoo stations with the highest quality ceramic bowl in the most favorite color by hair stylist: black.

Our Products are Versatile

Salonz Direct’s line of furniture offers a range of opportunities: it can be arranged according to the tastes and needs of the hair stylist and can adapt to any style or price requirement: from the highly-designed furniture to the trendy solutions that follow the world of fashion, with trendy fabrics and colors.