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Pinot’s Palette: The Paint And Sip Franchise Industry Leader

A Business Opportunity
Combining Art + Wine!

Now seeking Canadian franchisees! Pinot’s Palette is one of the largest paint and sip franchise opportunities, and the only international one.  Each of our locations provides an interactive art experience designed around a fun night out.  Featuring remarkable customer service and purpose-built paint bars created to entertain, as a franchisee, you can provide the best night out for your community.  All you need to do is get started!



Paint and Wine Franchise Growth

The paint and sip concept gained its traction as a night-out destination in the mid-2000s and maintains its popularity today.  At Pinot’s Palette, our in-studio bars lubricate the evenings, upping the level of fun.  Plus, never one to rest on our paint brushes, Pinot’s Palette also pushes the edge beyond just the canvas.  From Chunky Blankets to Customized Wood Boards, Pinot’s Palette innovation keeps the business at the leading edge.  Ready-built online painting libraries with thousands of original paintings and crafts ensure you always have fresh fun to deliver your community.

Advantages of the Paint & Sip Model

The growth of the paint and wine industry has been substantial over recent years. Advantages of a franchise with Pinot’s Palette include:

  • Product diversification and innovations.
  • Proprietary operating systems that would be difficult and expensive for independent business owners to replicate.
  • Low start-up capital.
  • A roadmap to streamline site selection, buildout and opening.
  • Large amount of training, support and resources.
  • Centralized marketing.
  • Gratification of owning and operating your own business.
  • Offering a worthwhile contribution to your community.
  • Internal network of other franchise owners and corporate support team.
  • Option for multi-studio ownership.
  • The comfort of a proven franchise model with the needed flexibility to run your business to suit local tastes
  • A massive and dynamic online library of art, ready for you on day one, which breaks down each piece step-by-step for your staff
  • Flexibility to create local partnerships
  • Run payroll, financial reports and plan your calendar from your cell phone.
  • Capacity for local charitable endeavors through the Painting it Forward Program


The Pinot’s Palette Difference

Pinot’s Palette sets itself apart from other businesses and entertainment destinations with is process and its polish.  As the premiere Paint & Sip destination, we put our best face forward to the discerning public.  From our well-honed, optimized website to the automated after-class survey sent to guests, we have paint and sip down from beginning to end.

Customer Excellence

Automated reminder emails, targeted newsletters, post-event customer surveys just scratch the surface of our customer-driven system.

Marketing Strategy

Easily customizable, branded marketing materials speak to your local community.

New Product Development

Bringing fresh, fun and creative ideas to the calendars each month keeps our repeat customer percentages high.

Pinot Culture

Small business franchise ideas are prevalent, but our philosophy creates a customer experience unachievable by our competitors.

Environmental Awareness

Every day, small steps are taken to improve the environment through practices such as recycling, the use of environmentally-friendly paint products, and more.

Community Commitment

Giving back is a top priority at Pinot’s, and the ability to support local artists garners a strong, positive impact on the local art community.



Our proprietary technology suite gives your painting studio a sustainable competitive advantage. Better technology allows for more efficient and accurate management of each studio’s time and money. It also allows for the best possible guest experience.

Pinot’s Palette has built proprietary, cloud-based software that allows you as a studio owner to manage the entire business. With the Pinot Technology Suite (PTS), you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time strategically growing your paint and sip business. This software has been integral to our business since Day 1. Over the past 10 years, it has grown and evolved with the company to become a powerhouse of information and efficiency.

Consider these time-saving advantages:

  • Eliminate the need to track reservations through spreadsheets or other manual solutions.
  • Spend marketing dollars more effectively through coupon, discount and campaign tracking and management.
  • Keep employees happy by giving them access to online tools, allowing artists to teach classes more smoothly and access their schedules remotely.
  • Complete payroll with 2 clicks of your mouse from your couch.
  • Plan for future growth with easy-to-use business reporting tools and real-time information.
  • Provide guests with class reservation confirmations, reminders and follow-up information automatically.
  • Reduce response time to guests.

In addition to time savings and operational efficiency, the Pinot Technology Suite reduces the likelihood of error, captures mobile spending, supports marketing initiatives, simplifies the purchasing process and improves the guest experience.

The Franchise Fee for one of the limited available areas in the Greater Toronto Area is $37,500 CAD.  This gives you an initial term of 10 years to operate your location.  At expiration, you may renew for another 10 years for half of the then-current fee, but maximum of $15,000 CAD.

Following your signing day, you’ll have regular touchpoints with your Pinot’s Palette representative to help you through site selection, buildout, grand opening, and your first few months as a new wine and paint franchise.

After your studio buildout begins, you’ll receive a local, intensive boot camp.  Here, you will learn how to use our technology software, appropriately market your business to the right audiences, set the bar for excellent customer service, set up and host a painting class, choose paintings for your monthly event calendar, and much more.

As a franchisee in the GTA, you’ll have access to a Master Franchisee, who is a successful multi-studio owner with years of Pinot’s Palette experience.  This is your personal business coach and resident Pinot’s Palette expert.  He will help you to keep on track for buildout, learn and understand best practices, develop a marketing strategy, run and understand reports, and keep your operational processes up to standard. The Master Franchisee will provide some negotiated vendors and may provide supplies to you directly.  He will advise on buildout decisions, provide you with resources for sales and networking opportunities, and guide you through all the details and emotions of your opening week. In short, the Master Franchisee is a new business owner’s lifeline.

Prior to your grand opening, we’ll send an artist trainer to your studio. This person trains your artist staff how to run a paint and sip class and gives them the tips and tricks of the trade. Our artist trainers have come up through the ranks at Pinot’s Palette and know exactly what it takes to be successful in the role.

Finally, Pinot’s Palette offers ongoing training resources throughout the year, including webinars, videos, quick guides and one-on-one coaching as needed. Ongoing training and certification tools are also available for your artist staff.

We’ll go ahead and tell you a secret: There’s almost no such thing as the perfect site. Site selection is a thoughtful balance of numerous factors. In addition to a desirable postal code, consider site-specific details like visibility from main thoroughfares and what kind of customers patronize the neighboring businesses. The most attractive spots come with the highest rents, so if it’s your first franchise, don’t expect to have it all.

Based on the established parameters for Pinot’s Palette studios, you’ll work with a local agent to identify a short list of candidates.  You, your agent and the Master Franchisee will physically tour each space, to identify the best location.

The Master Franchisee, in coordination with Pinot’s HQ, will coach you through the pros and cons of each location possibility. While site selection is ultimately up to you as the business owner, we strongly encourage all our franchisees to make the most of the tools, advice and expertise available to them.

One of the benefits of being part of a franchise system is that so much of the “grunt work” is done for you. We know what roadblocks many small-business owners face when trying to get their doors open, and we know how to circumvent those roadblocks. With a Pinot’s Palette franchise, you’ll receive a detailed, step-by-step roadmap customized for your business. Tasks on the roadmap include major milestones like hiring a contractor for build-out and planning a grand opening. They also include less obvious but important tasks, like setting up a Yelp account and obtaining an HST number. With a Canadian franchise, you have access to an experienced owner in the Master Franchisee who has operated a studio in the region.  Between signing day and opening day, you will stay busy with training and planning!

Having the roadmap means the timeline to your grand opening is more streamlined than the average business, and you will be more prepared to operate the studio than the average small business owner.

So how long does it take to open a paint and wine franchise with Pinot’s Palette? The answer varies depending on location, but a safe estimate is six months. Many studios take less time than that, and our record for opening a studio is just four weeks!

This cost varies greatly by location, amount of work required, size of studio and landlord accommodations.  Your typical total cost, including your Franchise Fee, beginning operating capital and substantial grand opening marketing funds is around $140,000 -$150,000 CAD for a single room studio.

Our royalty in Canada is 6% of Net After Tax sales.  There may be a Marketing Royalty of up to 2% NAT sales charged in the future, which will be dedicated purely to local campaigns and shared with and run by Ontario-based studios.  By joining the franchise, you will gain access to our dynamic library of thousands of original works of art, garner local brand awareness in Canada and the US, gain access to our PTS technology and receive the support of the Master Franchisee, charged with regional development.  You’ll get access to our curated local suppliers and the negotiated discounts therein.

All Pinot’s Palette artists are local professionals.  This allows franchisees to provide needed jobs in a field not always known for its professional opportunities.  While you as the franchisee will source the talent, the Master Franchisee will arrange comprehensive training for your initial group of artists.  As time goes on, new staff can easily be trained on the job, owing to the intuitive Pinot’s Technology Suite and our well-honed operational processes.  Even our individual works of art are broken down by the originating artists in written form, detailing the exact pumps of paint required, steps needed to complete the masterpiece and the time required for each step!

Absolutely! We provide our franchise system with an incredible number of marketing resources, plus ongoing support. Here are just a few examples:

  • Email marketing platform that
    simplifies subscriber management and supplies ready-made email templates.
  • Clear brand standards that allow franchisees and their vendors to build marketing assets that look and feel like the Pinot’s Palette brand.
  • Preferred digital advertising vendors who know our business, our audience and our brand standards.
  • Ongoing development of core programs and seasonal campaigns, including marketing assets and education on how to promote each program or campaign for best possible results.
  • A robust and ever-growing library of promotional and brand awareness assets, including long-form videos, short videos, high-quality photography and other images to use in social media, email marketing, blogging and other media.
  • Digital asset management system that allows every franchisee a quick and simple way to find, organize and download marketing assets; customize advertising templates; as well as share assets with their own vendors and partners. Using these assets saves you valuable time from creating your own, and helps us build a more consistent, more recognizable brand nationwide.
  • Access to industry-leading tools for digital location management on multiple directory websites and map applications, including Google, Apple, Facebook and Waze.
  • A large portion of boot camp covers marketing strategy and an overall how-to for marketing a unique business to a unique audience.
  • Bi-monthly video touchpoints with the marketing team, in addition to ongoing webinars and training videos throughout the year.

The experience of our franchisees varies greatly, from CFOs to consultants, military officers to moms.  Given the ease of operations with our integrated and comprehensive back-end system, an owner can intuitively and easily start running the cogs of the business from day one, from anywhere.  But the best part of studio ownership is the interaction with our local customers, looking for a great night out. The common element amongst our owners is the passion to deliver that great night out.  Our system is designed to amplify your strengths and provide the best resources for you to execute.  Finally, having access to other owners in our online forums allows you to leverage the best of what everyone else has to offer.

The first step is to fill out an inquiry form. A member of our team will reach out to you in 1-2 business days to answer initial questions, walk you through the steps of the process, and help you fill out the application.

We’ll review your information and if we think you’re a good fit for Pinot’s Palette franchise ownership, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call with our Master Franchisee for Canada. He will review your desired territory and financial information and be your main point of contact for questions throughout the rest of the process and opening.



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